Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tibioflibular Joint Instability!

That's right - this morning I drove across town to see a Sports Medicine Specialist.  He spent nearly 40 minutes with me (wow - that's a lot of time) and he has come to the conclusion that I have superior tibiofibular joint instability with a second degree pelvic dysfunction.  That's a mouthful now isn't it?  So in layman's terms, if I got this right, the joint where the tibia and fibula meet underneath my knee and attach to the hamstring is unstable.  Which in turn is causing my pelvis to tilt which in turn makes my legs different in length.  And all of that is what is causing the area above my hip and around my pelvis to hurt.

What's the cure?  Well, crazy enough, he did this strength exercise which I failed miserably, then he put a little piece of KT tape on and I passed with flying colours.  Yip, I know - CRAZY and if I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it.  A little 2 inch by 4 inch piece of tape!  So I'm now wearing a wrap brace around my leg just below my knee which will keep the joint stable.  AND I have to increase my glute and core strength as well as work on my hamstring flexibility.  Good ole Doc says I cannot run for 2 weeks and then he wants me to start running.  He's given me to green light to spin and swim - given I wear the brace 24/7 (or the KT tape while swimming).

This Saturday it will be 6 weeks since I was first injured.  Let's hope this Doctor is right and I'm running again by the time we hit Florida for our February vacation!

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