Monday, March 18, 2013

2 weeks in: Getting into the swing of Training!

Here we are, 14 weeks out from MTB half iron and 10 weeks out from the Ottawa Half Marathon - Im training for both officially, though I seem to be favouring the Ottawa Half plan over the half-iron plan.

I'm sucking up my dislike of getting wet every Monday and Wednesday night and hitting the pool for my master's swim class.  I find the practices very challenging and I either leave thinking "WOW I really nailed that" or "crap, I'm never going to be any good swimming".  I figure if I just keep at it, it's got to be good for me.  I'm longing for the days of open water swimming and ditching the eau de chlorine.  But the sad reality is I actually need to add another day of swimming into my plan at some point and it will not be warm enough to be in Open Water!

Now, let's talk about running!  I am LOVING the run right now!  After smashing my huge PR and BQ at the Ft. Lauderdale A1A Marathon, I have decided I like being a fast runner.  I am sort of following my coaches plan - as well as I can that is.  I was supposed to do a LSD (long, slow, distance) run yesterday at a 5:33 min/km pace - and I came in with 19km at a 4:57 min/km pace (hey, it was cold and I wanted to get through it!).  I've sent the good coach an email asking if this is good or bad.  Fingers crossed it is a good thing.  I don't like getting in trouble for going too fast - wait, I've never had that problem before!  I have really embraced the treadmill for my mid-week intensity, steady state and fartlek runs.  I cannot wait until the weather allows be to run freely outdoors!
My first run out the Leslie Spit of 2013!  Cold but beautifully sunny day!

Anyway, running is my highlight right now and I'm even considering applying to be a part of the NUUN Hood to Coast Relay.  I'm sure my blog isn't read enough to qualify, plus I have to get my editing skills going to produce a video to convince them that I would like to spend 24 hours in a van with a bunch of other girls and run down a mountain to the ocean.  AND I'm not even sure they let Canadian's do it (though, you know I'm an American by birth so I'm sure I can figure something around that!).  But one thing is for certain - I do love NUUN and I drink enough of it to put me as a front runner if that's a metric they are using!

And finally, back to talk about training.  I'm not really embracing the bike portion of my training as of yet.  My bike is still not completely together and isn't even close to be put on the trainer or the road for that matter.  I am, however, making great use of the awesome new spin bikes at the gym and I'm hoping that my high intensity, mega power pushing sessions are keeping my cycling legs strong for when I do decide to get my but back into the Cervelo's saddle for the season.

So that's the update on the training, slow and steadily working my way through my plans!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mont Tremblant 70.3 Training has Started! 16 weeks minus 2 days until race day!

Spring is just a few weeks away and I cannot wait to get outside on my bike!!!  Here we are in the beginning of March and I'm just shy of 16 weeks out from my third Half-Iron race - Mont Tremblant on June 23.  It's only been just over 2 weeks since my huge BQ at the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon so I think it is safe to say I'm coming into this 16 week training cycle with a huge running base.  I rode 2 long rides over the Christmas holidays and have been on the spin bikes at the gym pretty regularly so my cycling base is decent; and I've sporadically been attending my Master's swim classes so I can even say I  have a pretty good swim base.

But, before I get to the Mont Tremblant 70.3 - I'm running the Ottawa half marathon - which was supposed to be a little fun destination race with a few friends - 2 of which have never run a half.  BUT, then I went and got involved with a running coach and now I've got a plan, that starts next week, to put me on a very fast track to very fast half!  He has me running between a 1:35 and 1:40 which has me shaking in my runners just a bit! I sort of like picking goals that I'm pretty sure I can achieve and that, my friends, does not seem so easy considering my PR is 1:50!

Anyway, 2 days into my 70.3 plan and I'm happily hitting my targets and then some.  I do, however, have to put my bike back together and get her set up on the trainer unless by some stroke of global warming happens as I have a 2:30 on the bike planned for the weekend.  And don't forget, next week I start my 12 week plan for the Ottawa half - will be interesting melding my two plans and seeing how it turns out.  I figure training for a fast half marathon can only help with the training for a 70.3!  And finally, I have to get my butt to the pool EVERY Monday and Wednesday night for Master's Swim!

That's it for now - happy swim, bike, running and let's pray for warm weather sooner than later!