Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Half way to the Half, Squirrels, and Bugs

Time is FLYING by!  I am now half way through my 18 week training plan for the Half-iron distance that I'm racing in Welland, Ontario on June 24th.  Which, through wonderful luck and a little planning, is 19 weeks weeks out from Ironman Florida so I will have one week to recover from Welland before I start my 18 week training plan for Florida.

Training is going very well.  Since I'm too cheap to hire a coach (ok, really I spent that money on a new bike and a new wetsuit), I've committed to self-coaching with lots of support.  I have joined the Toronto Triathlon Club which gives me access to NRG's training plans, I've read countless books, I suck as much info from those who have completed the Ironman (thanks Clinton, David and Bobby), I constantly talk things out with my husband (who is a very supportive man - thanks for listening to me go on ... and on... and on...) and I have committed to my training plan that incorporates all of the above.  And it's going great and I know I will be fully prepared for the half-iron in 9 weeks!  I did fall ill for a few days in March and last week I had a bit of a muscle issue in my left Quad, and my hips and glutes are still a  focus but all in all, it's good.  I'm listening to my body and trying to do all things good.  Like eat lots of protein and sit in a bath full of freezing water.
best protein
only the first 10 seconds hurt

what, Stella's not good for me?

Over the past 8 weeks I have:

Run 25 times for a total of 116.48 miles for 17:02:50

Cycled 29 times for a total of 526.74 miles for 36:21:37

Swam 22 times for a total of 18.42 miles for 11:49:22

Thanks Garmin for keeping track of all those numbers!

A couple of shots from some great training!  That's Rachel, my lovely, 23 year old cousin, who has come to live with us for awhile to help with the kids while I train.  I love Rachel, I also love having another adult in the house to help with the kids, cook and tidy.  She's leaving in less than 2 weeks.  Please Rachel, don't go!

Leslie Spit - if only it was open during the week!
Rachel (please don't leave me)

So besides talking about how great my training is going - I have 2 other things to share.

Yesterday, while riding back on a beautiful 45km ride, I ran over a squirrel!  YIKES - I have been very worried about hitting a squirrel (or small dog) and what would happen.  Apparently yesterday the best case senerio happened - stupid squirrel ran in front of me, my front tire whet completely over it, squirrel ran like hell to get away.  I did not wreck.  Apparently if the squirrel was to not go under my tire but instead attempt to jump through the spokes, you get a much different outcome - which I can only imagine is squirrel all up in your break pads and such (ewe!).

Finally, OMG these stupid, nasty, annoying teeny, tiny black flies.  Every spring these little creatures are annoying as heck but this year - I don't know if it is from the warm winter or lack of rain but these are everywhere, in swarms of millions and running or cycling through them is down rigtht gross.  They stick to your cloths, get under your sunglasses and in your mouth and your nose.  The do not bite but they sure do annoy!  I'm ready for these creatures to disappear!
no, that's not a ant, it flies in swarms!
That's it for now, I hope to get on the blog more often but I always say that!