Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ironman Cozumel Training has Commenced!

Last week was the official start of my 16 week Ironman training plan - officially called Build 1, week 1 and I'm happy to say I'm definitely NOT over training at this point!  In a nutshell I biked twice, ran twice and weight trained twice.  Yip, you read that right - I didn't even swim once last week!
First long ride on the schedule - solo to Lake Simco

I changed my saddle and think I like the ISM Adamo racing saddle - I rode 2:15 and a 4 hour ride last week as well as a 2 hour ride this week on it and the comfort is a million times better than my Nineteen saddle.  I've got a BIG ride coming up this weekend so that's going to be my final test before I commit to it.

And speaking of my lovely bike ... it's in the shop right now and when I pick her up on Friday she will be nicely tuned up, the 11-25 cassette will be on my race wheel and my new Garmin Vector pedals will be installed!  Not excited about the bill but very excited about the new toy!  And I'm happy to get back to a 11-25 cassette now that I'm not planning on any more big climb rides.

I've moved nicely into Build 1, week 2 this week hitting my training milestones and getting to the pool twice already!  I've got a long way to go to build up my swim endurance but I'm focusing on good form and know the endurance will come with time.  I want to take advantage of the outdoor 50m pool while it remains open as it is so much better than the indoor 25m pools.

The excitement of Ironman training is already consuming me.  This past weekend I watched while many friends finished Ironman Mt. Tremblant.  I'm so excited to start training with power on the bike and hope it will not only help me get faster but help me remain consistent so my runs off the bike are better.  I already see the change in my diet and sleeping habits as training for such a monumental undertaking requires you to treat your body very well.

However, this weekend I did take a little time off to enjoy a the weekend with Hubby while the kids are at sleep-away camp.
Niagara Falls
Because we all know - this Ironman is brought to you by Barry Richards.  I'm in the market for some gear I can customize to say "sponsored by Barry" and I can never give enough kudos and thanks to him.  I couldn't do this without him!

Ironman Cozumel - just under 15 weeks to go!