Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mont Tremblant 70.3 Training has Started! 16 weeks minus 2 days until race day!

Spring is just a few weeks away and I cannot wait to get outside on my bike!!!  Here we are in the beginning of March and I'm just shy of 16 weeks out from my third Half-Iron race - Mont Tremblant on June 23.  It's only been just over 2 weeks since my huge BQ at the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon so I think it is safe to say I'm coming into this 16 week training cycle with a huge running base.  I rode 2 long rides over the Christmas holidays and have been on the spin bikes at the gym pretty regularly so my cycling base is decent; and I've sporadically been attending my Master's swim classes so I can even say I  have a pretty good swim base.

But, before I get to the Mont Tremblant 70.3 - I'm running the Ottawa half marathon - which was supposed to be a little fun destination race with a few friends - 2 of which have never run a half.  BUT, then I went and got involved with a running coach and now I've got a plan, that starts next week, to put me on a very fast track to very fast half!  He has me running between a 1:35 and 1:40 which has me shaking in my runners just a bit! I sort of like picking goals that I'm pretty sure I can achieve and that, my friends, does not seem so easy considering my PR is 1:50!

Anyway, 2 days into my 70.3 plan and I'm happily hitting my targets and then some.  I do, however, have to put my bike back together and get her set up on the trainer unless by some stroke of global warming happens as I have a 2:30 on the bike planned for the weekend.  And don't forget, next week I start my 12 week plan for the Ottawa half - will be interesting melding my two plans and seeing how it turns out.  I figure training for a fast half marathon can only help with the training for a 70.3!  And finally, I have to get my butt to the pool EVERY Monday and Wednesday night for Master's Swim!

That's it for now - happy swim, bike, running and let's pray for warm weather sooner than later!

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  1. Meanwhile I'm squeezing every bit of fun out of the snowy winter that I can. :D Before I "have to" get out on the bike again.
    Hee hee. Hope to see you in the changeroom... each and every M/W. :)