Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3rd and Final Day of Juice Cleanse

This has easily been one of the longest days ever.  Seriously, it seems like morning was forever ago!  I'm hungry tonight.  It's taken just about every bit of me not to eat the kids dinner tonight.

Today I have - dropped kids at school, gym for spin, home to shower and ice the hip, pick JJ up from school, get gas, run him out to my inlaws, back to home, find out my second mom while growing up has stage 4 lung cancer, pay off vet bill, pick up friend, drive to hospital down-town where other friend was going into emergency surgery from complications on her reconstruction after mastectomy, 5 mins late to pick CA from school, drop her at art, home to call car shop because truck is running bad and smells like gas, call to get broke refrigerator fixed, drop off 2 bottles of wine to friend who just found out her dad has cancer, back out to pick JJ up from inlaws, realize truck is LEAKING GAS, drive back to the Beaches, get gas again, pick CA up from art 30 mins late, home, pick up take out from Tino's for the kids (love love love the Greek place at the top of my street), home to feed, wash and bed the kids.  Add a few times crying in there and that is what I have done from 8:45 - 8:00.  A pretty long, crappy day.

Today I did not - get to the grocery store, make CA dentist appointment, ride on my trainer, eat a single thing.

I did drink my juices.  And while I longed to put something in my mouth and chew it slowly and savour the taste - I don't think I was hungry during the day but tonight will be tough.  I am definitely looking forward to a nice bowl of fruit and quinoa tomorrow morning!  All in all this was a very successful 3 day energize cleanse.  Total Cleanse delivered.  I will definitely do another cleanse someday and I might even find away to budget for some juices to supplement my training nutritional plan.

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