Monday, January 9, 2012

Juice Cleanse Day 1

While I was still on holidays in Florida I decided I needed to try something drastic to kick start my new year and the year of IRON training.  Since I have been sidelined with this TFL injury and I'm not into full swing training, it was a good time to try a Juice Cleanse.  After almost committing to Blueprint Cleanse I found the Canadian version Total Cleanse.  While on the pricey side (around $50/day), the convenience of the juices being delivered right to my door was too much to pass up.  So I signed up to start my cleanse on Monday the 9th - the day the kids when back to school - which happens to be today.

To prepare for the cleanse, four days ago I tired to eliminated dairy, sugar, wheat, meat and alcohol.  I ate loads of quinoa, veggies, oatmeal, and sushi.  Besides the way too much wine on Friday night I was quite pleased with myself.  I really cleaned up my diet!

So this morning, as promised, there were 3 cooler bags on my porch each packed with 6 juices.
why yes, 5 does come before 4! Opps!

I selected their gentlest cleanse consisting of 2 green (first and third), 2 Lemonade (second and fifth), Berry (forth) and Cashew milk (sixth).  I drank the first juice at 9am - Green Energy (Cucumber, celery, kale, lettuces, parsley, lemon, apple, romaine lettuce) and while the color is quite icky, the taste is pretty good - I mainly tasted the cucumber and at nearly 200 calories it should fill me up and get me to my next drink in a couple of hours.  I took me about 45 minutes to drink the 500ml of Green Energy juice and I see why other  have said they don't always drink the entire juice.  It filled me up and did not make me want for more.

Between my first and second juice I drank a couple glasses of water with lemon and a large cup of green tea.  Next up was the Lemonade. Can I just say YUM!  At only 108 calories I wasn't sure if it would get me through to my next juice in 2 hours so I sipped it slowly.  The Lemonade is quite sweet with a touch of spice.  It contains Lemon, cayenne, maple syrup and filtered water.  It is definitely a drink I will enjoy and it went down a lot quicker than the green!

About 3pm I realized I had missed the timing for my 3rd juice - another Green.  I had a couple cups of green tea and loads of water in between and that must have kept my hunger down. The second Green Juice went down a bit slower - I think my body likes more variety in it's daily food intake and I actually thought - ugh - 2 more days of this!  I'm happy there are only 2 greens a day!

5pm and tummy was rumbling - so I grabbed Juice #4, rejoiced there would be 2 more "meals" and YUM! At nearly 250 calories and made of Strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, apple, lemon.  I feel like this juice would have been better as #3.  It goes down smooth and tart, not sweet like I had feared.  I was wishing for another Berry juice shortly after finishing the first!

I grabbed Juice #5, another lemonade, shortly after 6pm and it tasted as good as the first Lemonade did.  Finally at 8pm I realized I hadn't had #6 and I would be going to bed soon so I grabbed the last juice of the day - Creamy Cashew Milk made from Cashew nuts, vanilla, honey, filtered water and packing a whooping 308 calories!  That's a lot of calories for me this late into the night but I think it will settle my hunger and let me sleep!  At first sip I didn't think I would be able to drink it all but my body drank it down quickly so I think I needed some fat!  It is quite tasty!

So that is that - I finished my first day of the Total Cleanse Energize Juice Cleanse!  I didn't cheat and I felt pretty good all day long.  While there were times I thought of grabbing a handful of nuts, I made it!  Tomorrow will be the test when I got to work out in the morning.  
empty bottles lined up in a row

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