Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welland Half-Iron or Syracuse 70.3 - that is the question!

I have a bit of a choice on my hands and I don't know what to choose!  My first key race this year is my first Half-Iron distance.  I have always thought it would be at Multisport Canada Welland - it's an hour away, it's a flat course and it's where I did my very first tri (just a short try-a-tri) last year!

However, on the SAME DAY is the Ironman70.3 Syracuse - and like a girl I met at the gym said - it's nice to go with "The Brand", the big race, the big ta-da!  Syracuse is a 4 hour drive (not a big deal), a for sure hotel stay (though we would be staying a night in Welland as well), but at LEAST twice the cost to register, monies going to a big corporation instead of supporting my local triathlon organization.

So the decision is out there - Welland or Syracuse!  Local and small or out of town and big? A decision I think have to make soon!  Any help would be appreciated!

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