Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tannenbaum 10k

This morning was a local 10k race to support our local Community Centre 55 Christmas hamper program.  Due to past popularity (it always sells out) it doubled in size from 200 - 400 runners this year (and it sold out early!).  It is a great race so if you are local you should put it on your list for next year! Tannenbaum10k!

This race is notorious for poor weather - snow, rain, wind, freezing temps - you name it.  But this morning we were blessed with mild temps (6*c, 43*f) and light winds with rain in the forecast.
isn't this a great shot!
We got hit by a few drops and I'm sure the spectators were a little on the chilly side but all in all it was perfect running weather for DECEMBER 4th!
Griffin, Barry and Me  showing off the bling (and the lake)
I had 2 goals in my mind - since I have never run an official 10k except on the back end of swimming 1500m and biking 40k,  (which I ran in 54:40) I figured a sub-50 10k would be nice to run.  And then there is always the competition with the hubby who ran a 48:59 10k last year.  Happy to say I hit my sub-50 with a 49:22, and will also say I'm happy hubby still holds the Richards' Family 10k record and I can blame it on 23 seconds - what is it about 23 seconds this year?

pretty cute eh girls?
This race was extra special because Griffin, my soon to be 13 year old stepson ran his very first road race!  I am so proud of him.  Before the race I asked him what his goal time was and he said 1:15!  I told him straight up that I thought he would go sub 1 hour and I'm so proud to say he finish in 56:41!  So very very proud of him!

Calli Anna with Hamper the Reindeer

This was also a special race becuase my daughter was able to come watch her big brother, dad and mom race.  I love to have the kids at the races and see how much fun it is.  I didn't descover the thrill of runnign until recently and I would love for my daughter to be runnign this race with me in 5 years! Thanks Grandma and Janet for being our babysitters and photographers!

Again, this is such a special race for us - the start/finish line is 1.5k from our house and the route is my number 1 training route.  The folks who put on the race are wonderful and the volunteers are amazing. It was great to contribute to the Hamper Program.  I hope to make this race a tradition in our family!  Kudos to the Toronto Beaches Runners Club for a fabulous event!

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  1. It was great watching the runners come in. I was sad that I didn't register early enough, but I'll be out there with ya next year.