Friday, December 23, 2011

Waiting to heal

Today is the second full day of our Christmas vacation and it's already been wonderful. I've already connected with 2 dear friends and last night was chauffeured downtown for dinner via the river! Yesterday, in keeping with my fitness goals, I swam 40 minutes (with a pull bouy) planked for 5 and completed 50pushups. My upper body is happily sore today!

Sadly, I'm still waiting for my hip flexor to heal. It's getting there I am sure of that. When I wake in the morning it's not too sore but after a little walking the pain is back. It's just a bit of a dull pain now so I'm optimistic that I am healing. But I'm so afraid of being injured and missing my first goal of the Ft. Lauderdale A1A marathon (that is get to the start line), not to mention my fear of this becoming reoccurring or chronic with my Ironman looming in 10 months.

I want to run so badly. I have my new Paris pink lulu lemon running shorts here. 2 boxes of raspberry hammer gels I ordered online. My new stash of Onza and vials of nuun ... All sitting on my desk, staring at me, beckonning to me. Yet today I remained sidelined. Today, I will again rest and ice and anti-inflammatory medicate. I told myself - 2 days after the pain is gone. Then I can run. I was hoping it would be Christmas day but we are 2 days out and the pain is still there.

So I will wait. And swim. And plank. And push up.

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