Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The week I wasn't supposed to run a Marathon - Week 12 training update

Training Week 12 is gone and we are now less than 4 weeks until Ironman Florida!  The bib numbers were published recently and I'm happy to report I will be running with bib 647 on Nov. 3rd!  It's really getting close now!

This past week was supposed to be my final build week but unfortunately a few things got in the way.  First, I felt really crummy starting on Tuesday.  I called it the "Ironman Flu" as I just came off of a 180+km ride, 20+km run and a hard swim workout all in less than 48 hours.  My body ached and just felt icky mentally and physically.

I struggled through a weight workout on Tuesday and a spin class on Wednesday.  Wednesday was Carole's 45th birthday - and she is my dearest friend and is my biggest supporter - I couldn't have done this Ironman without her - so I wanted to give her a great birthday so a few ladies and I went to Niagara Falls for the night - so that set me back a bit too.  Friday I hit the gym again but just felt rotten.  And then of course Barry and I flew out to Chicago on Saturday for "Barry" to run the Chicago marathon.

So really, this week was more of a recovery week than a build week.  Well a recovery week that ended with me running a Marathon that I wasn't supposed to run!

You can check out the details on that in my Chicago Marathon non-race report!

So I'm putting this past week behind me.  I am really happy I ran the full Marathon distance as now I have swam 4k, biked 180+k and ran 42.2k.  Now all I have to do is put it together!  I truly believe the Ironman is 90% mental and having run the full marathon distance will give me a mental advantage.  My body feels the same as I did after my 30km run a few weeks ago and actually I feel better than I did last Tuesday!

So this week I'm focusing on swimming and will have my last long bike ride either on Friday or Saturday weather permitting.  Then I will officially enter my taper plans and before we know it I'll be leaving for Florida!  I guess it's time I start making my packing lists!

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