Sunday, October 14, 2012

Taper Time - 3 weeks until Ironman Florida

Really?  3 weeks?  It's been 49 weeks since I registered for the biggest race of my lifetime and now only 3 weeks!

This past week was a recovery week in the plan before taper  - seems strange to me but after running the Chicago Marathon (not on the plan) - it seemed like a good idea.  Unfortunately I missed my last big bike ride due to family, weather, and Chicago.  So I'm still striving to put at least 5 hours on the saddle tomorrow.  If it gets put off any longer it will just turn into my 4 hour taper ride on the plan for next weekend.

I'm swimming with the Toronto Triathlon Club's Master's swim on Monday and Wednesday nights and I feel like my stroke and form are improving.  I want to get in the pool this week and complete a 3,800-4,000m continuous swim - aiming for Tuesday at the public pool - always fun.

I got back on the bike trainer for a session this week and lasted 1:22.  I forgot how much I dislike the bike trainer.  I'm going to have to find a way to mix it up and enjoy it for at least one "long" ride a week during the off season but I'm happy to say I won't be on the trainer again before IMFL.  The interval work I get at spin class will suffice!  I'm feeling very ready for the bike.

This week I only ran once, for 30mins on the treadmill after a spin class.  My run has been going great and my performance at the Chicago Marathon has me feeling very prepared for the run.  I'm looking forward to getting back to some running this week especially the long run next weekend.

I started my packing list yesterday while watching Kona on the internet.  It was so awesome to watch Leanda Cave persevere over Caroline Steffen and Miranda Carfrae.  Carfrae left it all out there on the course, collapsing at the finish line; her efforts on the bike took it's toll on the run.  As if it couldn't get any more inspirational, Natascha Badmann finishes 6th at 46 years old!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

The packing list is work in progress and I hope to have it complete by the end of the week.  I've raced quite a few overnight triathlons so the basic swim-bike-run aspect of packing is there.  But since I'm going for nearly 7 days, I have to bring loads more stuff.  But I remind myself, there will be shopping to be done there too!

So this week I start my 3 week Taper - after my long ride tomorrow of course.  The plan looks quite civilized actually and I'm looking forward to enjoying some shorter rides and runs.  My swim will stay the same with the 2 master's swims plus one session of 3,800 - 4,000m continuous. The taper week ends with a 4 hour bike followed by a 30min run and a long run of 1:30-1:45.  Still a lot of work to be done but I'm feeling good, healthy and strong!  Main goals are to stay injury and accident free!

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