Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 5 Training Recap: 11 Weeks until Ironman Florida!

The Numbers - week 5- August 13 - August 19
Swam 2 times (Mon, Wed):3,550m, 1hour and 28 mins
Biked 3 times (Mon, Wed, Thurs): 175.5km, 6 hours and 22 mins
Ran 4 times (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat): 42.6 km, 3 hours and 46 mins
Weight training once (Tuesday)

This was the first build week of my second build session.  I was coming off a nice easy week and ready to hit some milestones: A long bike ride of 4:30 - 5 hours and a 30km long run.

Monday started out good with James's hour spin class followed by a 20 min treadmill run.  I hadn't been to James's class in a very long time but I'm happy I can fit it back into my schedule because it is an awesome sweat-fest of high intensity  intervals.  The run on the Mill felt great.  I dragged myself to the Summerville 50m pool that afternoon but I was not feeling much like swimming.  I have to learn that when I am not feeling a swim workout I should just not bother.  It was a total waste of my time and what little energy I had to squeak out 1,500 useless meters.

Tuesday's plan was to get up early and get my hour tempo run done.  My legs were sore from the Toronto 10 Miler and I was so incredibly tired I couldn't get myself out of bed.  It wasn't going to be a hot day so I figured I would get my run in later in the day.  I made my Tuesday morning gym date for weight training but never did get the energy to tackle my run.

Wednesday was better day all around.  I hit David's spin class and then ran to Cherry Beach and back.  Wednesday night OWS clocked in 2,000m with a lot of social interaction with my club members in between laps.  I was getting psyched for my long ride on Thursday.

On Thursday morning I drove up to Elgin Mills and Leslie and embarked on my 130km ride alone.  I am really embracing my lonely long rides.  The mental training is wonderful and I know will go a long way during my Ironman.  You are alone on the bike no mater how you look at it!  I rode up to Lake Simcoe and around the lake a bit and then back.  I was running a little behind schedule so I only got a 15 minute run in after instead of the planned 30 mins.  It is important to note that I felt great on and after this ride. 

Friday was a total rest day that I took full advantage of.  I spent most of the day on my butt!

Saturday night was the Midsummer's Night Run 30k.  I had never run this distance and I was excited to tackle it. I won't go into the gory details, you can check out the race report for that.  I completed it in 2:44:31 which was a good time for me.  It was a hard race and my legs really took a beating.  

Even though I I didn't hit all my training bang on this week, I'm really happy with what I did.  I am still struggling with my swimming but this week I'm finally getting in to see Kyle at Absolute Endurance for my stroke analysis and I'm planning a 4k continuous swim from my end of the Beach to Woodbine Beach and back.  I think that getting that 4k continuous swim under my belt will give me great confidence in the water.

My key training goals for this coming week:

  1. Swim stroke analysis with Kyle on Monday
  2. Swim a continuous 4km (Wednesday or Thursday)
  3. Ride the Muskoka 70.3 bike and Run course, then run 10k of the run course on Saturday
  4. Enjoy a SLOW long run of 2:30 - 3 hours

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