Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week 3 training recap: 13 weeks until Ironman Florida!

The Numbers - week 3 - July 30 - August 5
Swam 2 times (Mon, Wed): 6,280m, 2hours and 29 mins
Biked 4 times (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat): 193.55km, 7 hours and 39 mins
Ran 4 times (Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun): 44.80km, 4 hours
Weight training twice (Tuesday and Thursday)
SUP (Stand up Paddle) once - Wednesday

This week I wanted to really focus on my plan and try to hit my numbers, especially in the swimming.  I started the week out nailing my 3,200m drill workout at Summerville 50m pool and then powered through over 3,000m continuous open water swim on Wednesday night.  Hitting those two workouts were very important to me!  I'm feeling very confident I will be able to power through 4000m. I have booked an hour session with Kyle at Absolute Endurance for a stroke analysis and I know it will help my efficiently in the swim and and perhaps give me a little more speed ... I'm still dreading my swim workouts - this coming week I am ditching the pool and will do both my swims at Cherry Beach and hope that helps!

I biked on Monday along the waterfront trail and have decided I cannot train with the recreational traffic.  The bike will be heading back to the trainer for my Monday rides to optimize my training.

For the 3rd week in a row I got up before dawn on Tuesday and was very happy with my 60 min tempo run with 20 minutes in Z4.  What impressed me most was how fast and easy the last 20 minutes were after the Z4 effort.  I came off this run really happy with how my training is making me faster!  I also hit the gym for an hour of weight training and coffee with Lawrie.

Wednesday morning I hit one of my favorite spin classes for 45 minutes of sweat and Wednesday night I powered through my 3,000m continuous swim.

On Thursday I trekked up to Warden and Major Mac for my 2 hour Endurance-Tempo ride followed my a run off the bike.   Not quite sure I put forth the effort called for in my plan on the bike but I ran off the bike and was happy with my run - just over 5km with an average pace of 5:07.  Hit the gym Thursday night for my second weight training session of the week and so nice to catch up with my gym friends.

Friday was a TRD - total rest day!  Probably could have done without the Stella's on the patio on Friday afternoon, but it was a good way to rest!

I finished out my week with a ride of the Muskoka 70.3 course on Saturday.  While my plan called for a 4-4:30 hour ride I was happy to get the chance to ride this course.  It is actually a 94km course that goes around the Lake of Bays (4 more than the typical 90k).  And to sum it up - you are either climbing or descending the entire time!  It took us about 3:30 to ride the course and you had to stay completed focused on the ride the entire time!  I have completely reset my time expectations for this race - both the bike and the run are going to kick my butt with hills.  While my first half-iron (Welland) was flat, this one is completely the opposite!

At about 70km into the ride you hit a very rough road with stretches of loose gravel and sand.  I'm afraid this will be a safety issue during the race.  Had I ridden the course prior to registering I probably wouldn't have decided to race!  But with $250 sunk cost I will race it on September 9th!  We followed the ride with a very HOT run and then a great cool dip in the lake (THANKS MYNDI)! The highlight of the ride was the company - 5 TTC club-mates: Phil, Trevor, Cavin, Irisz and Myndi!  Thanks guys for a great ride (a super thanks to Cavin for driving the 5 hour round trip!).  And just as a note, I brought my camera but didn't get a shot of the group and I'm not happy about that :( .

My long run this week was a 2 hour run which I was hoping to cover about 24km.  Unfortunately, it was just under 22km.  It was NOT a good run.  It was hot, it was humid and it was windy.  When you were running into the wind you were just praying to turn around to get out of the wind, when you were running without the wind you were dying of heat and sweat and wanted a breeze.  Somewhere between 12 and 15km my right Achilles tendon started to get tight and was a problem for the rest of my run.  It continues to be a problem right now.  I have iced, trameeled, and KT taped it.  I will not be running until the pain and swelling are gone.  I can only attribute it to running a few hills on Thursday after my ride and on Saturday after my ride and it just gave out today.

All in all I'm very pleased with my training this week.  I was a little short on my long ride but I think the intensity and effort made up for the lack of time and distance in the saddle.  I'm also disappointed with my long run but it's behind me now.  I'm running the Midsummer's Night 30k in 2 weeks and wanted to get more distance in today.

Next week is my last week of the first build session and with this new Achilles thing I might have to reset expectations and the plan.  I am even considering making this coming week a recovery week and starting the second build session the following week.  To make this coming week even more complicated, the kids are not in camp and I am registered to run the Toronto 10 Miler on Sunday.

My three goals for last week were:
- nail swim workouts Monday (3,200m drills) and Wednesday (3,000m continuous)
- create nutritional plan for long ride
- sort out HRM issues  (my Garmin heart rate monitor is not working properly)

My three goals for this week are:
- sort out HRM issues  (my Garmin heart rate monitor is not working properly) 
- allow my Achilles to heal
- keep refining my nutritional plan

August is here and if we could get a little reprieve from the heat and humidity, it would be much appreciated! And while I am not one to complain about Toronto being too hot, I think a more typical wet and cold Toronto summer would have been more conducive to Ironman training!

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