Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 4 - recovery week, 12 weeks until IMFL

Last week was a recovery week.  I had some inflammation in my right Achilles tendon from my last long run so it was a good week to take it easy.  I didn't run all week until Friday and tried to focus on resting, recovering and eating right.  I felt pretty cruddy all week which I hear happens during recovery and taper weeks.

The Numbers - week 4- August 6 - August 12
Swam 2 times (Mon, Wed):3,890m, 1hours and 28mins
Biked 4 times (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri): 80.36km, 3 hours and 50 mins
Ran 2 times (Fri, Sun): 21.94km, 1 hour 49 mins
Weight training twice (Tuesday and Thursday)

Both my swims this week were OWS at Cherry Beach.  On Monday I swam 2,000m and on Wednesday 1,890m.  I enjoyed my Monday swim but Wednesday I wasn't feeling all that great and sort of gave up earlier than I should have.

My biking this week was 3 awesome spin classes and a VERY slow, lovely ride to Cherry Beach and back with my two boys Griffin (13) and Jensen(5).  I was so proud of Jensen riding all the way to Cherry without stopping!  That's nearly 7km!

As I said, I was really taking time off from the run all week.  On Friday I decided to hit the treadmill after my spin class and was happy to run 30 completely pain free minutes and it felt awesome.  On Sunday I ended my training week running the Toronto 10 miler - a great race!  I cut 8 mins from my last years time clocking in at 1 hour, 19 mins.  More notably I ran every kilometre in under 5 mins and my Achilles didn't act up at all!

This coming week I'm starting my second build session and very excited to get out on a 4:30 - 5 hour ride and complete the week with the Midsummer's Night 30km run!

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