Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 1 training recap: 15 weeks until Ironman Florida

Today I started week 2 of my 16 week training program - which means 15 weeks until THE RACE!

The Numbers - week 1 - July 16 - 22
Swam 3 times: 6.35km, 2 hours 31 mins
Biked 5 times: 210.45km, 7 hours 48 mins
Ran 3 times: 29km, 2 hours 37 mins
weight trained once

The week started out great but fizzled a little as the week wore on.  The weekend leading up to this week included a hard 95k bike ride chasing two young guys up hills and a nice 16km run.

Monday I nailed both the bike (60 min endurance) and swim (3000m continuous) on the training plan.

On Tuesday I got up before dawn to run before Barry went to work, then hit the gym for my weight training.  Finished Tuesday afternoon off with a nice lunch with a couple of my besties .... which included too much wine but well worth it!

Wednesday I only completed 1800m of drills at the pool instead of 3200m thinking I was going to open water swim that night but then blew off the OWS because of a twitching shoulder.  I added a spin workout on Wednesday morning even though plan didn't call for it.

Thursday was my tempo ride followed by a run - 1:30 on the bike followed by 30 min run - nailed it - really happy with my run splits!

Avg Pace

My long ride this week was 4 hours followed by a 30minute run and my long run was 1:45.  On Friday I rode Warden on my own for 82k in 3 hours.  I blew off the run off the bike and my long run because I was racing an Olympic distance on Sunday.

I ended my week of training with the Toronto Triathlon Festival Olympic triathlon.  Full race report here.  I shaved 17 minutes off my Olympic time and finished in 2:38 - nailing all my goals - sub 30 minute swim, sub 1:20 bike and sub 50 minute run.

I'm not off to a great start this week - after an awesome ride this morning I wrecked avoiding a truck door and hitting the street car tracks.  I was planning on 3200m of drills in the pool but only completed 1500m as I was a bit sore.  Planning on staying on track for the rest of the week!

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