Saturday, July 14, 2012

16 weeks until Ironman Florida

TTC BBQ at Lake Wilcox
Today I got back on George, yes, I have named my bike George. I hadn't even looked at George since he was put in his room after the Welland Half 3 weeks ago.  Today we got back together.  At times it wasn't pretty but all in all a great ride.

I rode with the Toronto Triathlon Club (TTC) this morning and since I wasn't really listening to the groups and walked up a bit late to Ted's talk ... I ended up riding with Chad and Cavin (sorry Cavin if that is not how you spell your name).  Yip, I went out with two boys heading out on a 3 - 3.5 hour, 90 - 100k ride at a "pretty quick pace".  Part of my head said - go with the 2 hour group, the other part said go big or go home.  I always listen to the go big or go home.

In the initial few minutes of the ride I thought I would be ok ... that lasted all of about 4 km.  I think we hit the hilliest route possible up there including an 18% grade.  I kept up great the first half but my legs gave out on the ride home - first I lost all power in the quads .... then my hamstrings and finally my glutes.  We completed 95k in 3hours 23 minutes.  I know I made them wait for me more than a few times - so a big thanks to Chad and Cavin for the ride.

Back at Lake Wilcox, the TTC social committee had set up a nice BBQ for the club and Barry and the kids drove up to join us.  My legs were so completely trashed after the ride.  I didn't even go for a 10 minute run.  I know this is my last weekend to enjoy such a pleasure.

I was nice to meet and chat with some of the club members.  Always great to hear Ironman finisher experiences and that hamburger was tasty after the ride!

Next week I formally start my 16 week training plan and next weekend I'm racing the inaugural Toronto Triathlon Festival Olympic- with Simon Whitfield, who as you should know, is Canada's flag bearer for the  London Olympics.

Happy Training!

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