Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm back and I'm Ready!

This weeks marks 18 weeks until my half-iron distance and 37 weeks until IMFL2012!  This week I "officially" begin training for the 2012 season and I'm ready!  I'm getting healthy - I've got my team of professionals lined up - Sports Doc Dr. Chan, Chiro Dr. Will and my trusty RMT Jen.  We are all on board to make this is a truely IRON year for me with hopefully few injuries!

I've got my new toys!
my very first Tri-bike

my very first GPS watch
Of course the Cervelo will live on the trainer for the next few weeks but the Forerunner 910 ... I want to wear it every day!  Yes I know, it's not a fashion statement, and yes its like wearing a not-so-little computer on your wrist.  But it's great!  I've only run with it but really looking forward to swimming with it this week and getting it out on the bike as soon as the weather permits.  The last thing I will say is that the heart rate monitor strap is AMAZING - it's soft and thin and if doesn't even feel like you are wearing a thing!

I started running again last week.  First a 4 mile run with the hubby, then a 7.5 mile run alone, followed by a little recovery run before flying back to Toronto from Florida.  While I still have "pressure" on my left side above my hip, the runs felt great.  I saw Dr. Chan again today and while he says my Tibiofibular joint is still unstable it is getting better. I see him again in 3 weeks and I'm still to wear my brace.  Apparently my glutes are not firing and are weak so that will be my focus on the next few weeks - hopefully can find a personal trainer that can help me with that!

I have also committed to using DailyMile (it easily syncs with Garmin connect!).

Next post will be my weekly training plan - though it is a short week thanks to the traveling!

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