Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recovery Week Feels like Forever

Well, here I am, almost through my first recovery week and I'm going a little batty.  I made the decision to respect my plan and stick to a recovery week even though I missed some key workouts in my last build week due to that bout with food poisoning.

I've been using "The Triathlete's Training Diary" to record my training for the next year and for each week there is a spot to write out 3 of the weeks goals.  My goals this week were:
1.  Respect Recovery Week
2. Focus on swim technique
3. Eat well

I've done a pretty good job with my goals.  I have respected my recovery training sessions - though my spin on Wednesday was must more intense than my plan called for and my 30 minute recovery run might have been more at a tempo pace, I've done a good job of holding back and not taking the bike out for a 4 hour ride!  Tomorrow is my "long" ride and it's just an hour and half but the weather is calling for a strong wind out of the north so I'm ready for some wind training tomorrow!  Then I will cap my week off with a 60 minute endurance run in Niagara Falls on Saturday!

My swimming is coming along pretty good too.  I'm able to average well under 2min/100m for my swims so I'm hoping if I can focus a bit more on my technique that I'll be able to consistently hold this pace for longer distances.  I'm done with open water swimming until I go to Florida at the end of October so it's pool work for me 2 - 3 times a week.

Finally, I'm trying to eat well.  I'm back on track with my kale/spinach/berry shakes for breakfast and I'm trying to avoid the sugary treats and eat more veggies.  This will be a battle with me forever.  Also recovery weeks tend to have more wine involved than build weeks and this week is no exception!

I cannot wait for next week to roll around - especially for my 5 hour ride coming up next Thursday and then the 100k Spin For Limbs ride the following Sunday.  Looking forward to spending a lot of quality time with my bike and just hoping the warm weather sticks around for a few more weeks!

Happy Recovery Week!

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