Monday, September 23, 2013

Feels Like Ironman Training!

And it feels good!  I just wrapped up my first week of the second build session for Ironman Cozumel and it's feeling more like Ironman training after the sick week followed by a recovery week.

This week I logged over 273km on the bike and over 40km on the run.  I missed one of my swim sessions due to poor planning on my part.  The week had me swimming back to back Tuesday and Wednesday but after a long 3,000m continuous swim on Tuesday I wasn't feeling it for swim work out the following day.  So I pushed it off to Friday - which was a stupid idea as that followed my long ride on Thursday (thanks Dushan for joining me) and my long run on Friday morning.  My back and shoulders would have no part of me swimming Friday at lunch time.  But that swim was the only training session I missed all week.
Turn Around Spot on my short 2 hour ride
Dushan and me after our 4 1/2 hour Ride 

I had a bit of extra time on the bike this week because I went out to Burlington to support my neighbour's charity and rode 100k with Spin For Limbs - to raise money to help out the families of kids undergoing limb reconstruction at sick kids.  It was a crisp and cool morning for a ride and it was  long drive out there but it was worth it.  A beautiful place to ride!  Since I was riding with a group (all roadies), I was very good and stayed out of my aero-bars the entire time and obeyed the rules of group road riding.  It was a lot of fun, and very easy for most of the ride enjoying the draft off the strong male cyclists.  The only thing I couldn't stand was breaking and slowing on the downhills when I just wanted to tuck down into aero and fly.

Just want to put a little shout out to my friend Chad.  Yesterday was the inaugural running of Ironman Lake Tahoe and Chad completed his first Ironman on one of the toughest courses in frigid conditions!  Congrats Chad and I can't wait to train and race Lake Placid with you next year!

Looking forward to another great week of training.  I'm going to get to the pool at least twice this week (it's on the plan for Monday and Thursday, optional on Tuesday) and I'm riding long with my buddy Duncan on Friday and I have a sitter lined up for my long run on Saturday!  And to top it off, the weather looks just fabulously sunny for the week!  Here's to another great week of Ironman Training!
End of my run last week!

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