Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yikes! 2 Full Months! I'm obviously NOT a blogger

My last post was back in the beginning of December - and well, a lot of time has passed - we went to Florida for Christmas and took our bikes which was AWESOME!
We rode 90km to ...

The Jetty Lounge and back

We spent lots of time looking at this

and We rode 50k to Indiantown and back

I also got 77km of running in including some runs with an old friend and two long runs of 22 and 29km.

We returned to a very warm Canada and I was able to run a 32km LSD in crops and a thin LS shirt!  Amazingly warm for a January run!  I kept busy at the gym with spin and group power classes as well a lot of speed-work on the treadmill.

Also in the month of January I did this ...
Happy New Age Group

I continued my treadmill running and my basic gym-rat existence and also started a Run Clinic offered up by my TTC and for the past 2 weekends I've been running at the Monarch Park indoor track with Coach Kevin Smith of Marathon Dynamics.  What a phenomenal facility and I'm having tons of fun running with the group and working with a coach.  Who knew having a coach could be so much fun!

I also jumped right back into the M/W Master's Swim with the TTC.  I might have skipped one here or there but I'm trying to consistently go and I'm swimming in the "B" lane ... though I cannot keep up to those fast ladies!

And along the way I've changed my nutritional plan drastically by going gluten-free and joining the land of green smoothie converts!  Thanks Tara!
spinach, pear, cucumber, lime and mint with chia seeds and vega-1 natural
While I have neglected my bike since our return from Florida - I did get a little 40th birthday present from my dear hubby for my bike!
yes, I know... spoiled!
So that catches us up to now - just shy of 2 weeks until the Ft. Lauderdale A1A Marathon and a couple nights before I leave for Florida.  Which, if you look at my last blog post you will see that it is my first race on my 2013 schedule and my first Boston Qualifier attempt.  I have compressed this training cycle quite a bit but I'm feeling fast and strong so I'm going to give it a shot.  

So with that - on February 17, starting at 6am it's sub 3:45 or bust!

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