Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 7 Training Update: 9 Weeks to go!

I thought about titling this Week 7 Training Update: OMG where is time going!  I cannot believe that I have turned another page in my calender and now there is only 2 pages separating me and Nov. 3!

While last week I doubted myself during my horrible long run, this week I feel like I'm on top of the world after completing a great long ride and feeling very confident that I can and I will do this.  Training for this race is definitely full of highs and lows - I'm just thankful I've had more highs then lows!  I have to remind myself that a positive mindset is a key ingredient!

The Numbers - week 7- August 27 - September 2 
Swam 3 times (Tues, Wed, Sun): 4,850m, 2hours
Biked 3 times (Mon, Wed, Thurs) 213.2km, 7 hours and 59 mins
Ran once (Sat): 25.85 km, 2 hours and 35mins
Weight training once (Friday) 

This week was focusing on quality not quantity. Due to my sucktastic long run last week I decided to hang up my running shoes for the week and focus on swim technique and bike intervals.  The kids were not in camp this week and beign the last week before school starts I wanted to spend time with them so training took a bit of a back seat.

I was able to do James' back to back spin classes on Monday morning so I started out the week with about 80 minutes of intense interval work on the bike.  I pushed myself as hard as I could - so hard as I would feel like puking by the end of the interval.  My recoveries were great and at the end of the 2 classes I felt like I was on top of the world.  Now if I can just figure out what to do with my kids on Monday mornings before school so I can do that every week!

Tuesday I was at Absolute Endurance again with another hour in the pool with Kyle.  I had some trouble keeping my heart rate under control which is uncommon for me in the pool.  However, the session was very productive with my stroke getting better and stronger. I'm now breathing bilaterally with no trouble at all!

Wednesday I hit the gym for an intense 45 minute spin, then spent the day on Center Island with my little guy, and finished the day off with 1500m OWS at Cherry Beach.  

My Thursday long ride this week was amazing.  I rode with Christina K., a 7 time Ironman and who is also training for IMFL.  We rode out of Major Mac and Warden up to Lake Simcoe and around to the east about 10k and then back.  She had to ditch the ride early so I looped over on Elgin Mills and went up Kennedy which has an amazing climb.  I was so happy to get 143km on the saddle and I felt great afterwards.  I really felt like I could go on for another 40 km!  I'm so looking forward to hitting that 180k milestone in 2 - 3 weeks!

Friday was a rest day but I did get to the gym to lift weights as I had missed my usual Tuesday session and I wanted to get at least one day of weight training in.

My one and only run this week was my weekend long run.  After last weeks run fail, I wanted to keep my head as positive as possible about the run.  I know my issue from last week was dehydration and pacing issues.  Going out too fast.  So this week my goal was to average 6 min/km for 25km.  And it was a total success and I felt awesome on the run!  I focused on enjoying my run and that is exactly what I did!

I rounded out the week with another OWS.  I had planned another 4km swim from Silver Birch to Woodbine Beach and back with a couple clubmates and Barry.  We got down to the beach around 10am, all suited up and ready to go - Barry was the first in the water ... "It's COLD".  Krista and Chad followed and again "It's TOO COLD" ... I jumped in and tried to swim a few meters and realized the 4km Eastern Beach swim was not going to happen.  There had been a up-welling of deep lake water and it was just too cold for us to swim, too dangerous. Someone pipped up "let's go to Cherry" so we all jumped in Chad's car, wetsuits, caps and goggles and drove to Cherry.  We were quite a site to those who noticed and I really wish we had taken a photo as it was quite comical!

We ended up swimming 2k at Cherry.  While a part of me wanted to continue, swimming the laps at Cherry just isn't the same as the long swim along the Eastern Beaches. I doubt the lake will warm again this year so I will have to put a 4k swim in at Cherry sometime in the next few weeks as open water swimming will soon come to an end.

This upcoming week ends in my last race before IMFL - Muskoka 70.3.  My first Ironman branded race!  I am not tapering for this event nor am I "racing" this event.  In fact, I'm planning on writing IMFL in 8 weeks on my forearm to remind myself that this is a training event only!  I'm racing with a bunch of club mates so its going to be fun!

My key training goals for this week:

  1. Focus on biking intervals
  2. Continue to improve my swim stroke
  3. Enjoy Muskoka 70.3
Time is flying by at a rate faster than I ever thought!  Kids are back to school Tuesday and IMFL will be here before I know it!

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