Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 10 training update: 6 weeks to IMFL!!!!

Wow- 6 weeks!  It's getting really real now!  This past week was the first week of my final 3 week build and boy did it feel great!  Actually, part of me wishes I was entering taper now - I feel so ready for IMFL but I am looking forward to my final 2 weeks of hard training!

The Numbers - week 10- September 17 - September 23 

Swam 2 times (Tues, Wed): 3,850m, 1 hour, 52 mins
Biked 4 times (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri)243.6km, 8 hours and 48mins
Ran 3 times (Mon, Wed, Sun):43km, 3 hours and 41mins
Weight training once (Thursday) 
Yoga once (Wednesday)

This week stared off great with a 90 minute hard ride along the Toronto waterfront followed by a very fast 5km run (23:43).  My legs and my lungs felt great.  I pushed my swim practice from Monday to Tuesday and despite a very crowded pool was able to complete the lactate threshold swim Coach Kyle had given me which ended with a 400m TT.  I was pretty happy with a sub 2 minute pace (1:57/100m) given how crowded the pool was.

On Wednesday I did the morning spin class at the gym followed by a 7.5km run.  Then I hit the endless pool with Coach Kyle for an intense technique session that went really well.  I was completely exhausted!  A text message from my friend Joanne convinced me to hit the gym for the 6pm yoga class which is very gentle and helped me stretch out my sore and tired body.

Thursday was a bit of a write off because I had to take my son to the dentist at noon so I planned the day to rest up and prepare for my 100 mile ride on Friday. I did decide to hit the evening spin and power class just to keep the body going.

Friday was my planned 100 mile ride.  I was all ready to complete this major milestone alone when to my surprise on Friday morning I find a message from my training buddy Chad that he's able to skip out of work and join me!  While I don't mind riding alone, Chad is a very strong cyclist and I knew he would push (and pull) me the entire 100 miles and he did not disappoint!  It was pretty nice weather, overcast and cool and we killed the ride.  It took us 5:36 but the metric I like to see is we had eleven 5k splits with average speeds over 30km/hr.  I'm feeling really good about being able to average 30k/hr at Florida!  A huge thank you to Chad - and I promise I'll be there for you next year buddy as you train for IM Lake Tahoe!

Saturday was a rest day that included the Beaches Kids of Steel Duathon that both the younger kids participated in.  I get so incredibly proud when I watch them enjoy my passions!  It was crappy weather but the kids hung in there and had a great race!

Finally, I ended the week with a massive run of 30km in 2:37!  The sun was shinning, the wind was blowing and I was running strong.  This run has given me a lot of confidence!

As usual, the week was a little light on the swimming side of things but I'm going to try to get some more time in the crowded pools this coming week and would like to log 2 strong swims in the 3,800 - 4,000m range.  This is my last week of swimming during public lane swim as my Master's Swim starts the first week in October!  Also up this coming week - my LONGEST RIDE of the training plan - I'm going to complete the full 112mile distance!

It's hard to believe I only have 2 more hard weeks of training left ... 2 more long rides and 2 more long runs and then it's show time!  41 sleeps until Ironman Florida!

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