Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Mental Game

So the other day a friend and multiple Ironman found out I was doing IMFL2012.  He said he has no doubt I can do it physically but it's the mental part I need to focus on.  Well, I still know I have a long road of training ahead to get there physically AND mentally!  So my first step in the mental game - at least while training for the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon is I am now training in miles and not kilometres.  It's sort of funny, being American I was raised in miles.  I have lived in Canada for 9 years and have slowly adapted to driving in km/h and the such. But I only started training a few years ago and have ONLY trained in KM.  So for me to make the change to miles is quite drastic.

Last Saturday, my long run was supposed to be a 12mile run.  It turned out to be a 12.5 mile run..  I've got my GPS tracking on my blackberry now set to miles and I'm working out my pace in miles.  But the biggest plus of training in miles over KMs .... 26.1 sounds A LOT BETTER than 42.2!

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