Sunday, November 6, 2011

IMFL and The BIG 2012 Plan

2011 was a great year for me.  I had been thinking about triathlons for over a year and finally took the plunge, bought a bike and raced my first Triathlon.  And now I'm hooked.  My "A" race this year, as of 1:05 this afternoon is Ironman Florida on Nov. 3, 2012!   There is a very LONG road to IMFL!
Here's the plan!

 Ft. Lauderdale A1A Full Marathon. February 19th.
My first and probably only full marathon before IMFL.   My first goal is to get to the start line, second goal is to finish in under 5 hours, but the "A" goal is to finish under 4:15.  

Chilly Half Marathon. March 4
Just a training race to keep me focused on running through the miserable winter months.  the weather will be a huge factor in timing in this race but I would be happy to run it sub 2 hours.

Around the Bay 30km, March 25
Just to get out and run it is my only goal.  Don't even want to put a time goal on this race.  It's a tough course and usually tough weather!

April Races
Beaches Spring Sprint 5km - will be happy to break my time from last year so Sub 24mins is my goal - unless I run it with my 7 year old daughter - then it will just be a happy 5km.
There is the Angus Glen 10 miler which I might race again this year just because it was cut short last year.

Toronto Goodlife Full or Half - will depend on how much a full takes out of my sails.  I don't want to do anything to jepordize my health before the Welland Half Iron which is 6 weeks out.
Ottawa Half OR the Woodstock Tri - conflict here as my hubby and bestie want to run Ottawa every year but I want to get a Tri under my belt early in the season and before the Welland Half Iron.

Binbrook Tri - June 9th - if I can't run the Woodstock Tri I will run Binbrook.  Not sure I would do both, but you never know!
WELLAND HALF IRON - BIG RACE - June 24th.  This is my Spring "A" race.  Goal will be to finish it in 6 hours, give or take.  This is a HUGE milestone race for me and will really give me a glimpse into the IRON world!

July will be a play-it-by ear month -  I might just train but I might do the Gravenhurst Oly tri or the Peterbourgh Half Iron depending on how much the Welland half kicks my butt.  We usually vacation for a couple weeks in July down in FLA which will give me much needed salt water training - but being vacation can take the mojo out of my training!

The only Tri in August that catches my eye is the Niagara Tri.  Then there is the Accura 10 miler and the Midsummers night which I might tackle the 30km as it would be good training for the IMFL.

Because I loved Wassaga Beach so much in 2011, I think I have to return for the Oly tri this year on September 8th - good training race.

Then it will be nothing but training until ...

And I think that will be the plan for 2012.

I'm going to try to use this blog to capture my training over the next year as I endure to become an IRONMAN!

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