Thursday, August 25, 2011

40/10 brick for the record

Today was my first big brick - I planned for a 40/10 and actually did a 42.86k ride in 1:50 and a 9.85 run in 53:34.

I started my day off with only 1 cup of coffee and a odwalla chocolate protein shake (YUM) around 7am.  had a very small bowl of leaping lemurs right before I left.  I took 1 onza gel and prepared 2 16oz bottles of citrus fruit flavored nuun.  One for the bike and one for the run (i drank them both).

Bike went great - not the fastest I could have gone but i did push myself on the back side and pushed my speeds up to over 30km/h.  I was on the waterfront trail which has lots of traffic and I have to go through Queen's Quay in street traffic.  My average pace of 23km/h is not indicitave of my ride.  My knee started to hurt a little.

Run - got the knee strap for the right knee that was bothering me.  took a hammer raspberry gel (YUM) another onza gel before hitting the run.  Ran to Kew Tennis courts and had a short break to watch the kids, then ran into friends and walked with them a bit so had a rest in the middle of the run.  Was happy to run an average pace of 5:26.

My knee is tender and I'm icing it as i type.  I downed another 16oz of nuun and need to eat now!

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