Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's 2014 Already?

Happy New Year!  I think that will be the last time I say those words.  I just recently celebrated had my 41st birthday and have decided that in my life as a triathlete I will only celebrate my birthday every 5 years ... so here's looking at turning 45 in 4 years.

So, what have I been up to?  I started training for the Boston Marathon - fun times training for a marathon in the middle of the worst winter I have ever seen in Toronto.  Couple that with the fact that we remained in Canada over the holidays removing my  2 weeks of outdoor running in Florida at the beginning of this training cycle and that means in door training has consumed my life.  One thing you should know about me is I do not like the cold (hey I'm a Florida girl remember?) and the other thing is that if there is even just one little patch of ice, I will find it and I will slip.  Guaranteed.  So you can basically assume that until we are having an incredibly freakish warm spell and all the ice is gone, I will be doing my runs at the indoor track and on the treadmill.

Speaking of track - I love it!  I started last week training with the Toronto Triathlon Club at the beautiful Monarch Park indoor track.  Tuesday night track party as I like to call it!  Running track alone is dreadful.  Running  with a group and a coach is delightful!  If you get the chance to join a track group I high recommend it!

Another thing I have been up to is making great use of my Christmas present!
2.5hp motor!  LOVE my Vitamix!
Besides now having the smoothest smoothies in town, Ive ventured into making lovely frozen deserts and great soups.  I think the over all verdict is this blender is totally worth the hefty price-tag!  If you want to make a super yummy soup - this is my new all time favourite!

I've also ventured back to the yoga mat - believe it of not I went 3 consecutive days this week.  After my long run on the weekend I was feeling some sciatic hamstring pain in my left leg.  I quickly remembered my struggle with this in my right leg last year and decided I had to fix it asap.  After a plank-knee-swivel went horribly wrong on Sunday I sent a plea to my massage therapist and was lucky to get in to see her on Monday.  We are sure it is the Gluteus Medius and the Piriformis and Jen was able to work out the trigger points.  I decided right then and there that I was going to put yoga into my schedule to take care of these issues before they took over my training.  I am fortunate to have one of my Ironman mentors as a yoga instructor at my gym and he has helped me a lot with these issues.

Next up is the Ft. Lauderdale Half Marathon in February along with 10 glorious warm days in Florida!  Until then, I'll be wishing for warmer temps and no more ice or snow!

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