Sunday, November 24, 2013

Countdown to Cozumel

Here I sit in Toronto where the snow litters the ground and temperatures won't hit -5*c (23*f) today and of course all I can think of is Ironman Cozumel in exactly one week.  My "A" race and the end of my 2013 season!  In four short days I'll be out of this cold and ready to race!

When you train for something as big as an Ironman, it becomes a little surreal when you get the end of the plan.  Taper sets in and training time diminishes quickly.  You focus on eating well, maintaining your race weight and getting enough sleep and rest to allow your body to respond to the past 16 weeks of training.  You stretch and foam roll your muscles and get so excited that it doesn't hurt.
My plan: I have carried this with me for the past 16 weeks
I've made it through this training season injury and accident free.  I nailed all my major training session and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.  My race weight is perfect and I feel strong, fast and confident.  This is only my second full Ironman distance and I often have to remind myself to respect the distance - but at this point in time I'm ready to race this race and race it hard!

My biggest fan, best supporter and financier has listed out his goals for me - so I'm going to humour him and put them out for the world to see...

First goal is a PB, that is 12:09 or lower.
Next goal is sub 12 hours.
Next goal is a IM marathon PB, sub 4:50
Next is two fast transitions
Then a PB in non wetsuit swims.
After that it gets tricky because it depends on the relative performance of others.
If something goes wrong I will already have enlightened everyone on Facebook etc before you even finish the race, so don't worry if there is bad luck or whatever.
Alternatively, I think you should be reminded that a top 10 would be truly amazing and sensational achievement.
Focus here first. 
If we get to the marathon on track for something special we will unleash the Chrissie Wellington inside of Linda Kay.
If we get to 10k in the marathon with any chance of Kona will step up the pace.
If we get to 20k and things are good we will start to get excited.
Then balls to the wall after 30k if we are close.

Of course the real first goal is getting to the start line and the second is getting to the finish line but that goes without saying.  

So there you have it ... if you ask me, my goal is to go under 11 hours.  If I have the perfect race, then that's a very achievable goal.  To break it down this is what I'm thinking:
Swim: 1:15 (depending on the currents and conditions)
Bike: 5:40 
Run: 3:55 or less
T1+T2 <8 mins

That puts me in sub 11 hours and in last year's field that would get me a spot to Kona - of course, that means nothing as it's a new year and a new field.  Kona depends not solely on how I perform but who shows up to compete that day.  

in my spare time during taper I made some shirts!
But for now I will focus on diet and sleep and staying injury free (avoiding most outside activity in this icy/cold weather!).  I have to thank all the people making it possible for me to leave my kids for a week!  Kathryn, Alice, Anna and Don, and Sarah - thanks for stepping up and helping out!  I couldn't do this with out you!

The next few days will fly by and then it's off to Cozumel on Thursday!

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