Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rest and Recovery before Training

Goodness, I cannot remember posting something besides a race report!

Right now I'm taking a little break from racing and I'm focusing on a bit of rest and recovery plus some strength and core building before I start a 15 month long journey.  In that time I will race Ironman Cozumel (Dec. 1, 2013), Boston Marathon (April 21, 2014), Ironman Lake Placid (July 27, 2014), Olymipic Distance Worlds in Edmonton (September?), and finally the New York City Marathon (Nov. 2, 2014).

Now I know, there are many out there who think I'm crazy, but I also know there are people out there who do this too!  So how do I see the next year plus of my life playing out?  Here's the plan!

Week of August 14  start a 16 week training plan for IMCOZ
Race IMCOZ Dec. 1
Take the month of December off - yeah Christmas!
Start running again at the end of Dec / Beginning of January
Week of January 26 start 12 week training plan for Boston - brrr cold!
Beginning of April Starting training for IMLP
Race Boston April 21
Keep rolling with IMLP training (13 weeks)
Race IMLP July 27
Take 2 -3 weeks off
End of August start 12 week training plan for NYC
Race Worlds (this is OPTIONAL and I will not be upset if I cannot go)
Run NYC Nov. 2

A lot of people ask me why.  Some people think I have a problem.  And I'm sure there are some people out there that don't think I will be successful in executing this plan.  But for me, this next 15 months will be a defined period of time in my life where I am going to push my body to the limits.  I am going to train smart.  And I'm going to enjoy - I would like to say I am going to enjoy every moment - but there will be times when I'm going to hurt, when I will be tired, when I will feel like giving in.  There will be times of doubt and times when I will question my sanity.  But those times will be overshadowed by the elation I feel after every long ride, the pride from nailing a track workout, the enjoyment of long runs and big meals to celebrate accomplishments.  

I totally understand why 99% of my friends don't fully understand why I do these things,  but I know that 100% of my friends will support me through my journey.  Not to mention I get to spend a week in Mexico, experience the BOSTON Marathon in an epic year, go to Lake Placid with one of the 1% that get it, race WORLDS (though really, Edmonton? - could have been somewhere more exotic), and then wrap up the year running the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!

Life is definitely good!

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