Thursday, June 27, 2013

PRE Ironman Mount Tremblant 70.3 Race Report

There I am - running up the finishing ramp at Ironman Mount Tremblant 70.3.  The clock reads 6:38:08, and since my wave stared 40 minutes after the start, I knew I had made it in under 6 hours - my "B" goal.  Happy to have made my "B" goal and at that point just hoped Barry had my flipflops for me!  But let me start from the beginning....

We arrived in Mont Tremblant on Thursday evening.  It was amazingly quiet with very little going on.  the finish line was set up as was transition and the beginnings of the expo.  But since everythign wasn't slated to open until 1pm on Friday, it was like a ghost town.
over the next couple days this would become part of the finishing shoot

transition on Thursday night
Friday was a busy day - we tried to sleep in but excitement got the best of us.  We wanted to ride a bit of the course so after breakfast we headed out on our bikes to ride the last 18km out and back section of the bike course.  We had been told this was the toughest part of the course - climbing on the way out and fast on the way back. It was super fun to ride on fresh legs and I was happy to get a preview of this part of the course.

We made it back to the village and  checked out the swim start but we didn't end up hitting the water for a swim.  I don't really like swimming so it wasn't high up on my priority list!  Around 1pm we heading to registration and quickly went through the steps of getting your bib number, filling out the waivers, being weighed (first time for that), and picking up all the "stuff".

We took the rest of the day easy, cruised the Ironman store and dropped way too much money and walked through the expo.
Still quiet in the village on Friday!
We met up with a group of our buddies for dinner on Friday night - the Toronto Triathlon Club had 20 or so folks racing that weekend so it was great to run into friends all over the place all weekend!
dinner with part of the TTC crew

Saturday was a long day.  It poured rain all day.  There wasn't much for us to do - I avoided a practice swim yet again.  We had a meet and greet with the TTC and had to get our bikes racked but then we just waited out the day.
Not everyone made it for the team photo!

Barry with his bike racked - I didn't get a photo of me!
Barry and I had a nice pizza dinner and then called it a night - lights out by 8:30 with a 5am wake up call!

Read about the actual race at:

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