Monday, May 13, 2013

Mid May Already?

Where is time flying ?  It's almost half way through May, though the temps outside would make you think we were still stuck in March!  I would hope that by this time in my training schedule I would be happily posting about my awesome swims, rides and runs, but unfortunately I've hit a bit of a bumpy stretch.

I think it all started back a couple weeks ago at the Toronto Younge Street 10k.  I ran my little heart out in that race and felt pretty darn good about it.  That following week I took a little downtime on the running, coming back 4 days after the race and putting in a solid 12k run at 4:40/km pace and according to my notes and recollection, my right leg was feeling fine.

That weekend we had our first outdoor ride and it was glorious   Windy as heck but fun to get out and ride outdoors with Barry.  We left from Angus Glen CC and rode up Warden 35k to the top of Ravenshoe Hill.  We met a nice guy on the way who gave us some great riding pointers.

Then two days later I hit the treadmill for some speed work and this is where the injury story picks up. 5 x 1,200m, each interval taking 5mins with 3 mins recovery in between - it's a work out I really enjoy.  Legs felt pretty good until half way through my forth interval when my right hamstring started pulling.  Instead of bailing on my fifth interval I pushed through.  And ever since I have been having an uncomfortable hamstring.   It originates up near my glute and runs behind the knee into the calf.  My Chiro's assessment is a tight right QL (those pesky lower back muscles that attach to the pelvis).

I took some time off from running and basically pulled back for a few rest and recovery days.  You would think this would be a great time for me to focus on my swimming, but instead I almost dropped swimming completely over the past 13 days.  I've hit the spin bike a couple of times and have put a 100k and 80k in on my bike.   A week ago  I tried to do a long run - by 5 km in I decided to turn it around and cut it short due to the "discomfort" in my leg.  I haven't run since.  It's been a week. I miss running.

So I've been stretching the QLs and trying to get mobility back into my hamstring through heat and stretching.  Aggressively stretched my QLs and legs last night and followed that up this morning with a hot Epsom salts bath and a good long core and stretch workout.  Now I'm currently sitting on 2 ice packs and feeling optimistic.

My training calendar looks pitifully blank for the next 5 days - I'm taking it day by day.  I hope to get to the pool tomorrow and Wednesday as well as do a couple spin classes to keep my fitness up.  We leave on Friday for our Toronto Triathlon Club Training Camp in Collingwood where I hope to ride close to 200km over the 3 days.  I'm really looking forward to getting away from home for a few days, hanging with some of my favourite triathlon friends, talking all things swim, bike, run and doing some seriously climbing on the bike.

Running might just take a back seat until I run the Ottawa Half Marathon in 2 weeks.  I had some high hopes of hitting a HUGE PR by running a sub 1:40.  While I'm optimistic that I will be able to run the race that pace might be out the window.  I need to remind myself that the Ottawa Half is not my "A" race.  I should be happy to run a sub 1:50 for a PR!

Happy Training and swift healing!

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