Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Cleanse Challenge

It's APRIL!  That means we are just under 12 weeks out for Mt. Tremblant 70.3 and under 8 weeks until the Ottawa Half Marathon.  While I haven't been keeping up much with the blogging, I have been keeping busy with my training and my diet, and trying to ignore the still freezing temperatures and flying snow!

While I haven't blogged about it, I have now been gluten-free since mid January - so that's about 2 1/2 months.  Have I noticed any thing different?  Besides my intense cravings for a big sandwich every now and again, I really haven't noticed much being gluten-free.   I have not lost any weight and maybe the tummy fat has gone down a tiny bit, but all in all, I'm pretty sure I'm not Gluten Intolerant, however, I am going to stay on this path as I feel it has helped with my healthy eating!

Currently, I'm on day two of a little 5 day Spring Cleanse Challenge put on my a tri-friend and nutritionist I know, Tara at Healthy Eating Active Living.  The challenge is to eliminate caffeine, sugar, wheat (gluten), dairy and alcohol.  Well, if you know me, the first is out the window - I will take it black, but I must take my morning cup of coffee.  Besides that however, I'm sticking well to this little challenge and after the amount of sugar and artificial colouring and flavourings I had over the Easter Holiday - I need it.   I really missed my chocolate milk this morning as my refuelling option, but I'm managing pretty well.
Breakfast Energy: kale, spinach, cucumber, lime, mint, chia seeds and Vega-1 Natural

Desert Last night accompanied my a few almonds

Yesterday's lunch juice: beet, carrot, green apple
last night's supper: brussel sprouts, quinoa with black beans and a little beef tenderloin
So you can see, the cleanse isn't too brutal - though 5 days without wine - that is going to be a challenge!

Training is going ok - last week was a recovery week and I had a twitchy hamstring so I took it easy.  My running is going fabulous and I'm really feeling fast and strong.  We have purchased a used computrainer for Barry's birthday and as soon as we get a computer strong enough to power the darn thing, and the right cables to hook it up to the TV, and get it all running, I'll be hitting the bike harder than I have been.  While everyone I know went out for a ride this weekend - it was still too cold for me!  I'm still training hard on the spin bikes at the gym and feel very confident in my bike strength so I'm allowing myself to take liberties with the numbers on my plan when it comes to riding!

Finally, I purchased some new running kicks ....
These are the Nike Flyknit One - the upper is made from one piece of continuous yarn.  They are amazingly light while still providing almost the same cushioning as I'm used to in my Volmero's.  I'll be hitting the treadmill in them later this week to see if they are keepers!

I hope to get back to updating the blog with more interesting training - but until then - clean eating and happy living to you all!

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