Thursday, March 8, 2012

6 days of training

While my training plan runs from Monday - Sunday I sort of like to look at the workouts from Saturday - Thursday as Friday is my rest day.  I know technically the rest day is part of the week of training followed my by two long days on Saturday and Sunday but since I'm not any where near seeing "long" on the weekends I look at my training ending with a day of rest then starting up again.

This past cycle was a bit challenging for me as my kids have come down with this 7 day flu making training a bit of a challenge.  Thanks to my dear Carole who has no problem sitting with my sick kids, I was able to complete all my training except for 2 weight lifting sessions. 

My numbers for this cycle are:

3 swims for a total of 3450meters
3 bike sessions for approximately 68 miles
3 runs for a total of 16.31 miles
1 weight session for 45 minutes

My body is definitely feeling the training and my appetite is certainly on the rise.

Up for the weekend after my day of rest is a 60minute run and a 60km bike ride plus weight session on Sunday if possible.  Next week is a "recover" week though my distances will be close to the same as this week.  I'm looking forward to going longer in the weeks to come!

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